By David John Oates

Embedded backwards in the sounds of our speech, there exists another form of communication - a communication from the deep unconscious, our secrets and hidden thoughts can now be revealed as the thin veil of consciousness is ripped apart in a most dramatic way. Reverse Speech, the phenomenon, will revolutionise our understanding of language and the very nature of consciousness itself.

What's covered in the book?

"A New Theory About Language" includes most recent research into the ground-breaking field of Reverse Speech.

Chapter 1: A New Theory

The updated theory of Reverse Speech, complete with results of tests to prove its existence.

Chapter 2: The Many Layers of Consciousness

The exploration of the many areas of the mind where communication come from.

Chapter 3: The Different Types of Reversals

An analysis of the different patterns and styles that make up Reverse Speech.

Chapter 4: Reverse Speech Metaphors

The metaphoric and archetypal nature of Reverse Speech

Chapter 5: Specific Areas of Research

The specialist areas of research currently being expanded through the use of Reverse Speech.

Chapter 6: Forensic Applications

The forensic applications of Reverse Speech and an analysis of related case studies.

Chapter 7: Business and Corporate Applications

The corporate uses of Reverse Speech and how the techniques can help businesses grow.

Chapter 8: Politics

A controversial chapter containing analysis of famous political figures.

Chapter 9: Celebrities and Controversies

An analysis of reversals from famous celebrities in recent decades.

Chapter 10: Psychotherapy

Explores the many uses Reverse Speech has in psychotherapy including case studies of examples.

Chapter 11: Metaphor Restructuring

A new therapeutic technique that has been developed to work with the unconscious mind to change behavior.

Chapter 12: Using Reverse Speech

A collection of practical tips on how to find reversals using Reverse Speech.

About David John Oates

David John Oates is a 60 year old Australian hypnotherapist. He has spent the last 32 years of his life researching the field of Reverse Speech, and incorporated his findings in his therapeutic work.

He has written 5 books on reverse speech and has appeared on 100s of TV and radio programs furthering his work. He also maintains an active international speaking schedule.

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