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“Reverse Speech: Hidden Messages in human communication”

In this second publication, David exposes the heart of Reverse Speech, revealing the truth about the human psyche, the unconscious mind and, what until his discovery had remained; it’s silent voice.

A true pioneer David’s revelations are far from those of a madman, instead they are reflective of someone, who through dedicated research, study and practical application has uncovered a completely new way to diagnose, treat and heal a myriad of afflictions from psychological all the way through to physical conditions…

This book lifts, ‘no, blows’ the lid off, and shines a blindingly bright light on the gravity of his discovery, it’s depth, it’s accuracy and most importantly for David it’s significance in the study of the human mind.

Inside this book you’ll discover...

The true origin of Reverse Speech, David’s initial investigations into the phenomenon and his battle against the naysayers and early validation when his work aided the recovery by local Police of assets gained through crime.

The fundamental difference between ‘intentional backward masking’ and unintentional backward masking and how the music industry inadvertently stumbled upon Reverse Speech.

Verifying ‘real’ occurrences of reverse speech - you’ll discover the rigorous tests each and every word is subjected to before being accepted as true. David created a clearly defined process of identification, which removes 99.9% of all doubt over tampering

The interpretation of images, metaphors and archetypes of the mind and how Reverse Speech delves deeper into the work started by eminent psychologist Carl Jung

The source of Reverse Speech… where it comes from and how it’s linked to your brain.

Reverse Speech in children, at what age are humans able to communicate through the phenomenon of Reverse Speech - I promise this will surprise you!

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